Cheng Guanghui, director of the Shandong Provincial Committee of the Chinese people's Political Cons
time : 07-20-2016 10:13:00  

Guanghui Cheng, the director of Shandong Province CPPCC Hong Kong and Macao Overseas Chinese Affairs Committee, and vice director Wei Cui, Yanbing Liu and other 3 entourages visited our company On 22th, April. They were accompanied by President Haihua Xie of Darbond.

Director Guanghui Cheng paid much more attention to the development planning of Darbond, and the condition of talents introduction as well. A heated discussion in development status of of domestic encapsulation industry was carried through between director Cheng and president Xie. During visiting, president Xie made a brief introduction of memorabilia during Darbond’s developing, and the patent exhibition wall as well. Darbond was highly commended by director Cheng, due to Darbond had made a great progress during domestic economic downturn and the dedication to innovation. Director Cheng hoped that Darbond would developing into the leader of this industry.

This inspection was paied great attention by all levels of the provincial, municipal and district officials. Municipal CPPCC leadership, Directors of Overseas Chinese Affairs Office , officials of Development Zone Commerce Bureau, Directors of Organization Department accompanied them to visit .


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